Thursday, July 5, 2018

My Sunday Part 1

It was Sunday. I was up early to watch two World Cup Soccer games. I recorded them. I finished watching them around noon. It was a hot day. I planned to do some weeding next door in the cool evening. I wanted to do something now. So, I decided to go to see a movie. One of the gym instructors told me that "Solo", a Star Wars movie was pretty good. I checked the MOVIX schedule for that day. There was one that started at 2:30. Sometimes US movies are too predictable for me, but I thought this was my best choice. So, I took the train to Cocoon. Now, my story changes here. I was wearing my sandals. I bought them 5 years ago. They looked dirty and tired so I stopped in at the shoe repair place near MOVIX. I asked them if they could clean them while I watched the movie. They said"Sure". So, I paid \880, got a pair of clogs and went to the theater. Then things went south. Continued tomorrow.

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