Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Health by Ayako

I haven't played sports in a long time. I used to play volleyball. But I got joints pains 32 years ago. After that I played Mama's volleyball and hurt my right ring finger, and got an operation.
I moved to Ageo 28 years ago. My new doctor banned me from sports. Five years later, he operated on my right wrist. Also five years after that the doctor died of cancer. At that time I had a really bad pain and I couldn't think of sports. However I changed to a new hospital and tried new medicine eight years ago. It was biological.
Suddenly with that physical condition improved dramatically. It was very expensive. So I stopped it two years. However I was still fine and I could get off steroids.
I started training at "Curves" last December. Since I got sore occasionally at the beginning, I was worried. My doctor said, "You are okay, exercise is important, please continue it."
I was relieved to hear that. I go to Curves three time a week.
Syogo san and I have the same illness. But he keeps on playing baseball while enduring the pain. I thought that I will try hard by listening to him. I respect him very much.
Training makes me so refreshed.

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