Wednesday, July 11, 2018

2018 World Cup Soccer

Well, I got my dream day. I watched four soccer matches (games) on Sunday. I recorded two on Friday night. Then on Saturday I asked all my adult students to keep silent about those matches. I did night want to know the scores. Saturday night I did not watch the next two games. And, of course, I recorded them. Then I got up at 7:30 am, parked myself on the sofa in front of the tube (TV), and started watching those games. First was France vs. Uruguay. Uruguay was my pick to win the Cup. But France won 2 to 0. It was not a very good game. The next game was Brazil vs. Belgium. Belgium won 2 to 1. That was a good game. Unfortunately for Brazil they made an "own goal". The third game was England vs. Sweden. This was also kind of boring. England won 2 to 0. However the final game of the four was fantastic. It was Russia vs Croatia. Russia scored first and then Croatia tied the game. The game ended in a tie. So, they had to play overtime. Croatia scored. But, Russia tied the game late in the second OT. So, they had to play a Penalty shootout. Eventually Croatia won 4-3 on penalty kicks. Heaven! I also did some gardening. See tomorrow's BLOG.

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