Thursday, June 14, 2018

Odaiba Part 2 of 3

On this express train the conductor came. While paying for my express ticket, I asked where I should get off to go to Shimbashi. He was a bit surprised and he suggested that I get off at Omiya, take the next train to Ueno and change there. I thought about it and got off at Omiya. Now I was getting confused. Then I got an inspiration. I said to myself "Ricky, you can sit in the Green Car for just a little more." Brilliant!. The train would arrive in a couple of minutes. I went upstairs to buy the Green Car ticket. The lady  smiled and said that I can buy it at the machine at the platform. I went back down and found the machine. I placed my wallet on the scanner (Suica inside) and the screen queried "Which line?" Another Question!! And I wasn't wearing my glasses. The train was arriving. I asked a young couple to help. The Machine said my time was up, and to remove my Suica. The doors on the train opened. The young guy found the line but I had no time. I said Thanks and dashed to the train. I went straight to the Green car. It was packed with people. Luckily, I found an open seat. I decided to pay on the train. (continued tomorrow)

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