Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Odaiba Part 1 of 3

You saw Kyontan's BLOG yesterday, didn't you? Well, when I read her story I got inspired. I decided to go to O-daiba to speak to some foreigners. Why O-daiba? Because I can walk across the Rainbow to get there. I have done that three times. It is a nice walk with a good veiw and the weather was quite fine this day. So, I checked the train schedule and found an express that would take me directly to Shimbashi. There I can take the Yuri-kamome train to Shibaura-Futou. Then I can walk to the bridge. HOWEVER! when I got to Okegawa station I realized that there would be a lot of people riding the train this Sunday morning. That means that I may have to stand on the train for a while. That would spoil my adventure I thought. Just then an earlier train came. It was an express that stopped at Ikebukuro and finally Shinjuku. I thought to myself "Ricky, you can take that train, pay a little more but sit till Ikebukuro. Then you can take the Yamanote line to Shimbashi. It may be far, but you can sit all the time." I patted myself on the back for having such a great idea and got on the this earlier train. (Continued tomorrow)

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