Wednesday, June 6, 2018

My GW by Kuma Part 2

The second was about “Trump-Kim meeting” as follows.
The former CIA director, now Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came up on the stage. Pompeo said “Trump-Kim talks” would not just for show and not a gift to Pyongyang. The goal of the meeting remains denuclearizing of the Korean Peninsula. The inter-Korean meeting declared that, but they didn’t include the concrete steps to reach that goal.
Kim was said that if the United States will frequently meet with North Korea, build a good relationship of trust, promise non-aggression, why should we lead difficult lives ? Pompeo added that Trump is going to solve a problem. He’s serious now.
Under such conditions, Japan will be placed outside mosquito net, I think.

(PLUS Before Golden Week, my son suddenly started playing golf. He’s golf-crazy now. He wanted to play on the course. But it was very dangerous. No one knew the destination of his ball.
So, during Golden Week, I went to the golf driving range three times with him to teach how to hit a ball as well as golf rules and manners. I thought he had a good sense for hitting the ball, so he will soon be able to make his debut on the green. I’m looking forward to that day.)

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You are a very nice father.