Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My GW by Kuma Part 1

Overall, I spent quiet days at home. Thanks to that, I could see very interesting TV programs.
The first was about “Slip of the tongue” as follows.
The Winter Olympics was over and Japanese medalists had a report meeting in Tokyo. They said that many medals were able to be taken thanks to the cheers from coaches, family members, associates and citizens.
However, at the almost same time, in another program, a Japanese authoritative Minister expressed that many medals were able to be taken because we supplied a huge budget and hired good foreign coaches with high payment.
 I thought that’s true. Winter Olympic events were mostly European sports. But their history in Japan was very short. So, Japan needed coaches from Europe. This Minister often makes a slip of the tongue. If I were him, I’d praise their great achievements first.

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Reiko said...

Aha,I'd like to know the true intentions,not the public principles.
Incidentally I make a slip of the tongue,too.
I should take care for the way I speak.