Thursday, June 7, 2018

My GW by Eiko

I spent this Golden Week in Saku City. My husband and I went to Saku in Nagano prefecture on April 29thThat day was my mother`s 98th birthday. My mother, my brothers, my brother’s wife, my husband and I went to a restaurant in Saku. We celebrated our mother’s health.
 My husband and I met our old friends at Karuizawa Prince Hotel on May 3rd. We enjoyed talking about "the good old days".
 The balloon festival was planned from May 3rd to 5th  But it rained on May 3rd. And, it was windy on May 4thSo the balloon festival was finally held only on May 5th. There were about 50 balloons in the sky. It was so beautiful and cool.
 From May 2nd, my daughter’s family came to Saku. We went to the park and shopping with them. My daughter’s husband barbecued as usual. For me, it was fun and a bit tiring as usual.

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Reiko said...

That's wonderful! It's ballooning,right?
I saw once a lot of balloons were floating in the sky of Saga plain,too.