Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Foreigner Search by Kyontan

Foreigner Search
     I got two free tickets from my newspaper company as usual. So I went to National Museum of Nature and Science to see the exhibition “Jintai-the body” on April 11thI recalled that Rick did Foreigner Search at Ueno Park before. So I planned to do one after the exhibition. I brought some copies of Rick’s “Question/Answer list for Foreigner Communication Day”.
    After the exhibition, I started to seek foreigners whom I could talk to. But it was not so easy to talk to walking and chatting people alone. In addition, they are foreigners. I needed the strong mind and courage. I searched for a while and at last I found a man sitting on a bench alone. I approached slowly and asked him, “Excuse me, do you speak English?” I opened with the usual phrase. He replied, “Yes!” So I continued. “I’m studying English and my teacher gave me homework to talk to foreigners. Can I talk with you for a while? ”. He answered, “Yes!” Then I asked some questions which were written on the copy plus some more.
It was my first time to talk to a foreigner. And in total I talked to three groups.

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