Thursday, May 17, 2018

Waxing the floors Part 2

We came back from Kyushu on the 3rd. I cleaned and waxed the downstairs floors the 4th and 5th. Again I prepared all the towels and buckets and cleaners. Very early in the morning I washed and waxed the dining room area. This area has the dining set (table and chairs) and several cabinets. I had to move everything to a different area and then clean and then wax. I put everything back when it all dried. The next part was perhaps the most difficult. That was the kitchen and the connecting living room. I took all the stuff out of the kitchen first. In the adjoining living room area we had a desk. This contains all things RAM English Service. I had the pleasure of taking this desk apart (dismantling it), piece by piece. I then bundled up the pieces of woods and took them out to the garbage place. There were many things in and on the desk. I put all these with the kitchen goods. Then I enjoyed waxing these two areas. When it all dried, Miwako put the kitchen things back. She also found some things that we could throw away. That was enough for May 4th.

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