Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Waxing the floors Part 1

My Golden Week was not only play. I did some work too. I waxed the floors in our house. In order to wax the floor I prepare several things. I prepare old towels, two buckets with water, gloves that you use in the kitchen, floor cleaner, floor wax and an applicator. The applicator has a log handle and a flat bottom. I also need thick paper pads. These go on the bottom of the applicator. So, the day before we went to Kyushu I did the upstairs hall, the staircase and then the hall downstairs. These were pretty easy as there is not much furniture to move. The following is the order to wax the floor. 
1. Clear everything off the floor. For example chairs, tables, books, and baskets.
2. Wash the floor with the floor cleaner. It also removes dirt and old wax.
3. When the floor dries, wipe the floor with a damp (wet) towel. 
4. When the floor dries, wipe the floor with a damp towel AGAIN.
5. When the floor dries, apply the wax to the floor.
Of course, applying the wax to the floor is FUN.  This day it took about three hours to do everything. That included moving one cabinet we have in the downstairs hall. To move that, I have to take everything out and then Miwako put it all back afterwords.

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