Wednesday, May 2, 2018

My April

So, very quickly let me tell you about my April.
1. Increased my gym time from 90 minutes to 2 hours. I thought I needed the extra time. But it turns out that 90 minutes is enough.
2. Went to the gym 12 times. Increased weights.
3. Took a trip to Atami by car.
4. Flew to Toyama to meet relatives.
5. Had a lot of students come to the school for sample lessons. Some signed up and some didn't.
6. Lost a lot of students who became freshmen in Junior High School.
7. The Kenkatsu lessons started up again.
8. The Kindergarten lesson in Kitamoto started up again.
9. Pulled weeds next door. I believe there were 15 bags.
10. Finished several projects at RAM, including Kids ABC homework, RAM school HW and PR.
11. Bought a new computer. Had it set up.
12. Got 4 massages next door.
13. Kounosu Kindergarten lessons started up again.
14. Did lots of gardening including pulling out the hydrangea plant.
15. Drank.

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