Tuesday, May 8, 2018


Just prior to (before) GW I did some gardening. It wasn't my usual kind of gardening though. I pulled out and threw away a plant. Let me explain. I took over the gardening duties two years ago. During that time I have made the garden to my liking. That means that it suits me. There are no potted plants. I also threw away a couple of garden plants. I panted a new tree. I pulled out two trees. l planted two rose bushes. The last job I had was to get rid of a hydrangea plant. It was in the corner of the garden. It was right next to the fence. So, many branches grew through the fence. Little by little I cut the branches off. Then I attacked. First I put a lot of water on the ground to make it soft. Then, with my shovel,  I dug around the plant as best I could. It was impossible to get the plant out. What to do? Then I got an idea! I screwed it out! I shook it from side to side and then finally turned it to the left and then to the right. I did that many times until it finally unscrewed. What a great idea!

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