Thursday, May 10, 2018

A trip to Kyushu Part 2

The next morning we went to a nearby coffee shop for breakfast. It was really a very unique place and the meal was delicious. They had lots of antiques and posters. They had a huge drip coffee maker for ice coffee. (see pic). We bought some coffee beans and jam. Then we set out for our next adventure. We searched for a place to have dinner this night. We looked on our map and found a place called "Beppu Jigoku Meguri". It is a tourist spot so I assumed that they would have a night life area. Wrong! But they did have a lot of cool thermal hot springs. There was steam rising from many places. The set up was seven different places. Each place had a different theme to it. One place was alligators. There were over 50 alligators there. Another place had piranhas. Another place had beautiful blue pool of hot water. Another place had a pool of bubbling, hot mud. We only visited 4 places. It was very hot everywhere. I bought a T-shirt and a magnet for the kitchen door. We never did find a restaurant so we went to the local supermarket and got food and drinks and dined at our hotel. 

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