Wednesday, May 9, 2018

A trip to Kyushu Part 1

During Golden Week, we took a trip to Kyushu. We stayed two nights in Beppu and then one night in Fukuoka. We flew for free. Why? Because we had mileage points from our credit cards. I use my CC for almost everything. I buy an ice cream for \105 and I use my CC. I buy bento lunches and I use my CC. In this way we can garner (get) a lot of mileage points. What a deal! Anyway, we were at Haneda airport April 30th at 9AM. Our flight left at noon. It took just under (almost) 2 hours to get to Fukuoka airport. We immediately got our rent-a-car and I drove us to Beppu. There we found our hotel, Shin An. Then one adventure began. After checking in, we asked about dinner. Why? Because our hotel doesn't have any meals. They told us about the main restaurant district and we drove there. BUT...all the restaurants were full. Or, you needed a reservation. Sigh. We drove around and around jumping in and out of restaurants checking for an opening. We finally found one after over an hour. M stayed there and I drove the car back to the hotel. I came back by taxi and we enjoyed a fine meal at the Osakana Joudo.

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