Friday, May 11, 2018

A trip to Kyuhsu Part 3

The next morning we left our hotel at 11AM and drove back to Fukuoka. Actually I was getting pretty tired. We did a lot of flying and driving and walking and eating and drinking these two days. So Miwako did Most of the driving this day. At first there was a lot of rain and fog on the highway. I drove then. We safely reached our next destination around 2PM. We checked into the Okura Hotel. It is a very nice hotel. It has lots of amenities and beautiful lobby and rooms. However I found the room rather small. Anyway this adventure began with a tour of the hotel We visited the chapel and gym and some banquet halls. Of course they were all empty. We finally made our way down to the Brewery. Yes, they have a brewery in the hotel! We had dinner here and , of course, beer. We had some h'ouderves. a salad and finally a cheese fondue. Then we visited the bar. That was cool. The last time we went to a bar was at a hotel in Yokohama. A bar has such a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere, wouldn't you agree? I had two whiskeys, M had a Mojito. Kanpai!

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